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LC-POWER Veritas_3000 - ATX Pro-Line Gaming
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LC-POWER Veritas_3000 - ATX Pro-Line Gaming

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Case type Midi-Tower
Motherboard ATX, Micro-ATX
Drive bays 8,89cm/3.5" external 1
Drive bays 13,34cm/5.25" external 3
Drive bays 8,89cm/3.5" internal 6
PCI slots 7
Case fans standard / maximal 1/2 (1x 120 + 1x 80/120mm)
Case fan lateral 1 (1x 190mm)
Firewire port -
Audio port HD Audio / AC97
USB port 2
eSATA port 1
Case material metal
Case dimensions h x b x t 440 x 200 x 475mm
Weight (retail) 7,500kg
Mark of conformity CE
Case colour black
Front panel colour black mesh & mirror finish look

Tool-free mounting of all drives, eSATA port, incl. 120mm front case fan, 190mm lateral case fan, LED bars (all blue lighted), front dust filter, side panel with acrylic window, black coating of the case inside, 1x external 3.5" drive bay bezel

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