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COLIBER BT MT1416 is a micro Bluetooth multimedia keyboard distinguished its compact dimensions, stylish design and a wide range of applications. All these features make COLIBER BT become a controller of Home Entertainment Center.

However, COLIBER BT is not only a simple multimedia set. MT1416 eliminate a need of using an additional mouse, offering a full functionality by use of built-in touchpad with 800cpi resolution.

A convenient layout and comfortable location of function keys make not only writing but also browsing the files and surfing through the Internet become a real pleasure. An additional advantage of the keyboard are the simple and convenient shortcuts to the Windows Media Centre.

The low profiled keycaps and soft mechanism allow easy, pleasant and quiet writing.

COLIBER BT MT1416 as a controller of Home theatre Personal Computer (HTPC)
Recently, the most common, which PC users decided to equip are the HTPC systems combining all the media: movies, Internet and games. However, such a solution, despite of huge functionality, entails the use of slightly different pointing devices. Therefore the wireless COLIBER set working in range of up to 10 m can be a perfect controller of HTPC system at your Home or Office. COLIBER is a perfect combination of functionality and elegant design keeping the highest quality.

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