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CAMROSE 2 MT1418 ? a compact keyboard and optical mouse wireless set ? provides an operating range up to 10 meters, ensures reliability and utility in everyday work. The 2,4GHz wireless technology and small compact size are two most important advantages which fit this set to every desk, even the smallest one allowing better use of space.

Automatic synchronization allows to configure the set to work instantly just after taking it out of the box. The ergonomic shape of mouse reduces the fatigue even during long hours of using.

Convenient, low-profile layout, very similar to system used in laptops, makes CAMROSE 2 an ideal solution for all those people used to work with laptops, when every change affects decreasing of own efficiency at work specially when someone?s work means lots of writing.

An additional advantage of set is the micro-receiver hidden in a mouse-housing (common for both devices: keyboard and mouse). This solution is especially useful for all the mobile users. With this micro-receiver you don?t have to worry about losing it during transport. It is so small that you can leave it plugged without any problem. It is ready to use immediately after removing the laptop from the bag.

? 2.4G wireless mini keyboard and optical mouse
? Instant connecting
? Effective operation range: up to 10m
? USB interface
? Nano style receiver
? Windows XP/VISTA/Win 7 32/64-bit compatible
? Keyboard
? 80 keys
? Power: 2 x AAA alkaline battery
? Dimensions: 284x120x20mm
? Mouse
? Receiver parked inside the mouse
? 3 basic buttons
? Scrolling wheel
? Resolution 1000 cpi
? Power: 2x AAA 1.5V Alkaline battery
? Dimesions: 90x60x35mm

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